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Montessori High School, Inc. is a fully accredited, four year secondary school in the heart of the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. Our vision is, "The members of the Montessori High School community will be tolerant, learned, and self- respecting individuals who facilitate a peaceful, global society."  We are driven to address the whole student through cooperative learning, project-based academics, and community building. Our students not only move on to higher education but are able to navigate the collegiate and vocational world due to their personal experience here at Montessori High. If you have heard of the "Montessori Approach" and have questions about it, we invite you to make an appointment and come visit. You will find an environment that is tolerant, accepting, and educational. Our school is a place where classes run smoothly, where teachers act as guides and mentors, and where students embrace the love of learning  and can challenge themselves in all areas of growth.

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You can be yourself here.  It makes you feel like part of a family. 

-Hadley R. and Harry P. (Students)